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What is Hair Cream and How Do I Use It?

My first serious venture into the hair care aisles of my local drug store was more than a little overwhelming. I was about sixteen and it was just coming up to my prom before graduating. I had a fancy black dress and my mother was taking me to get a ‘proper’ haircut for the first time ever. I was told by my stylist that I’d need some sort of styling product to help keep the hair style looking smooth and fancy for the day.

I walked over to the aisles I’d breezed through before when I was picking up shampoo and conditioner and was instantly stymied by all the tubes, pots and sprays arrayed in front of me by brand. I was beset on all sides by light holds, matte finish, glossy finish, heavy hold and a barrage of instructions and advice that I had no idea what to do with.

I just grabbed a tub of something or other and went home, only to be told by my mother that it would make my hair impossible to work with. It’s been a while, so I don’t remember why or anything else. I mostly remember it because whatever product it was, it was quite expensive and everyone was put out because it would never be used for anything.

It put me off styling products and hair care products for quite some time, to tell the truth. Therefore, it only seems right to start off by going over some of the common types of styling products that are widely available.

Common Hair Products

All of these products are unisex, though some may be coded more towards one side of the spectrum than the other.

Hair Spray

Probably the most famous and yet mocked hair product out there, hair sprays are rather difficult to use properly, at least in our opinion. For one, if used even the slightest bit improperly, you’ll end up with sticky or crunchy hair. It took years for me to find out how to correctly use hair spray, but the general smell is so off-putting I never use it. On top of that, I don’t like the texture it leaves me with.

Hair Gel

Gels are typically translucent and thinner in consistency than most hair products because they usually contain a lot of alcohol. This means they can dry out hair faster than most products. Generally speaking, fine or thinning hair like mine works best with a hair gel that is water soluble and has a light hold. I’ve had too many poor experiences with crunchy gels to put my trust in them any more.

This isn’t to say that hair gels aren’t good for some people, but I do admit to some concern about the alcohols in hair gels. If you can find one that is alcohol free, it would be better than one with alcohols.

Hair Wax

The main ingredient is usually some sort of beeswax, and it tends to be a more casual product. You could scoop a little onto your fingertips, warm it up between your palms and run it through your hair all within a few minutes before going out the door. The texture and consistency will vary depending on the brand and specific product, but it is usually quite smooth. They tend to have a matte finish, meaning it has a more natural look to it. Waxes are ideal for tousled hair styles or more anyone who styles their hair on the fly throughout the day. They’re also good for flyaway hairs or taming the odd bit of frizz.


These have something of a faintly grainy texture ad can feel quite heavy on the fingers. They usually have a matte finish and are good for everyday styles or people who want a nice, casual look. As a loose rule of thumb, hair clay is the way to go if you want a naturally textured look. However, clays can be a bit tricky to work with. Many people will associate clay in hair care as being one of the heavy masks you need to leave on for an hour or so before washing it off, so the idea of using it as a leave-in product may make them wary.


When it comes to pomades you instantly think of 1950s retro styles for men. Elvis Presley and his quiff, Danny and the T-Birds from Grease, maybe even members of the Rat Pack and their suave, cool attitude. Things have changed since the 40s and 50s though, and today pomades are for both men and women. They are still generally considered to be best for people who want a neat hairstyle with sharp partings.

Today pomades come in two groups: petroleum based and water based. The former is the ‘classic’ pomade, and one that most people opt for. Neither type of pomade hardens or dries on the hair, leaving you with touchable hair that can be restyled all day long.

Hair Cream / Styling Cream

Creams are less of a pure styling product, being considered more for putting the finishing touches to your hair. They help make hair more manageable and can add anything from a light to high shine depending on the product. If you want to calm frizz or tame a few unruly areas, this would be the product for you.

Pros and Cons of Hair Cream


- creates natural, effortless looks with minimal skill needed

- provides an appearance of fuller thicker looking hair

- water soluble, making it easy to wash out

- neither dries nor damages hair

- excellent for low style needs like smoothing down frizz or fly aways

- can offer some moisturising properties to dry hair

- soft, touchable hair

- good for thinning hair                      

- well suited to curly hair

- not as greasy or messy as products like pomades or gels

- restyling on the go is possible

- good for layering with other products


- not water resistant

- less effective on long hair

- not ideal for elaborate hairstyles (i.e. mo-hawks)

How Do I Use A Hair Cream?

There are several ways you can use a hair cream. If used alone, you can apply hair cream before or after a shower, so we’ll go over both methods quickly.

Before A Shower

  1. Take a dime-sized amount of cream into your palm. Use your fingertips to apply directly to the roots and tips.
  2. Gently massage your scalp for a couple of minutes.
  3. Leave the cream on your scalp and hair for a minimum of thirty minutes before washing it out.

After A Shower

  1. Towel dry your hair until it’s mostly dry.
  2. Take a dime-sized amount of cream and rub it between your palms.
  3. Run your hands through your hair, making sure to cover it evenly.
  4. If you want a smooth look, finish off by combing it down.
  5. If you want a curly or more natural look, scrunch your hair gently with your hands.

Pairing With Another Product

We can’t give full instructions on this because every hair product has different methods of application, but if you’re using hair cream as a touching up product, then use it lightly. Rub a tiny amount between your hands and use it to fix any frizzy bits or flyaway areas before you head out the door.

Who Should Use A Hair Cream?

Hair cream is ideal for anyone who has fine or thinning hair. It is not so heavy that it will weigh down your hair, but nor is it so light as to have no effect whatsoever. Creams can be suitable for straight, wavy or curly hair no matter your age.

We also believe that hair cream would be a good first step into hair styling products for anyone who is new to the idea. It is fairly forgiving because it can be restyled easily or washed out if you decide hair cream isn’t for you.

What Should I Look For in A Hair Cream?

As always, there’s a host of beneficial ingredients that you should look for in the ingredients list. What we give below is by far and away not an exhaustive list of everything you should look for. On top of that, what you need from a hair cream is different from a mask or a shampoo, so the following ingredients are specific to hair cream purposes; that is, light styling.


This nutrient is known to improve keratin’s infrastructure, though we don’t know why just yet. A couple of studies (one in 2015 and one in 2012) in which participants took biotin in the form of a supplement showed significant hair growth and less shedding over the course of the trial.

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is an excellent rejuvenator that serves to hydrate the hair as well, making it smoother and more luxurious. It is also rich in omega-3 and omega-6 as well as essential amino acids.

Jojoba Oil

This is the oil most similar to the oils naturally produced by the human body, meaning that it will be easily absorbed by skin and hair with no problems. It is a natural anti-inflammatory that can help soften hair. As it has regenerating properties when applied to the skin, it is believed to stimulate hair growth as well.

Panthenol / Vitamin B-5

Panthenol is known to improve shine, softness and hair strength. In addition, some studies have suggested that it helps reduce hair loss because it helps improve the diameter of existing hair follicles.

Rosemary Oil

A study conducted in 2015 found that rosemary oil has approximately the same effects as minoxidil 2% brand products when used over a six month time period. Rosemary oil is well known to improve blood circulation to the scalp, strengthen the hair follicle itself, and calm the hair and scalp.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is a well-known DHT blocker. DHT is the chemical that causes hair loss, so finding any hair product or supplement with saw palmetto is a major boost. One study found that people who used saw palmetto topically saw their hair density improve by over thirty percent!


What you want in a hair styling cream for thinning hair is something that does more than just style your hair. You want something that contains ingredients that are known to help boost hair and scalp health. Our styling hair cream contains rosemary oil to stimulate hair follicles and a wide range of moisturizing ingredients such as aloe juice and sunflower seed extract. More importantly our pomade is infused with saw palmetto extract, vitamin B6, biotin and Redensyl.

Redensyl is the up and coming ingredient in hair care products that can help improve hair growth and decrease hair loss by seventeen percent. When compared to minoxidil over a six month period it shows a similar improvement in hair growth and density. It currently has no known side effects, so you can rest easy knowing that by styling your hair to look your absolute best, you’re also helping to stimulate hair growth.

If used appropriately, then using our hair styling cream/pomade can show a reduction in thin areas and increase the volume of your hair. You can even boost the chances of improving your hair follicles by taking our DHT blocker supplement.

We’re so confident in our product that we offer a thirty day money back guarantee on all our products. If you’re not satisfied with the results, we’ll be happy to give you a refund.


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